Messy Church at Home 

messy at home 

'The Good Samaritan'

Saturday 16th January 2021
Time: Whenever you like!

Venue: At your house

Jan 21


Welcome to Messy Church at Home. This session is designed to help all ages understand the parable of the good Samaritan.

How to Use this Page

  • Remember, Messy Church is for ALL AGES so do the activities together as a family and get involved in exploring the theme by discussing the ‘Talk About’ points.
  • Click on the videos to watch the craft demonstrations and the celebration message and songs.
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Here are ideas to explore this month's Bible Story using things we have provided in your 'Messy Church craft bag' - or if you haven't got one, be creative and have a look around the house to see if you can find something that will do the same or similar job. Your ideas might be even better!

This month we are looking at the story of the good Samaritan. This story helps us to identify our neighbour and prompts us to consider our responses in the light of God's love being for all of creation, all people, no exceptions.

Helping Hands

You will need: large sheet of paper, pretty paper, pen, scissors, glue
Instructions: On the pretty paper, draw around your hands, cut them out and stick onto your large sheet. Keep doing this until you have enough to make a circle or chain of hands.
Talk about: how the Samaritan used his hands to help the wounded man. When we pray, we ask God to help us be God’s hands and feet in the world, caring for others. Talk about how it looks when each of us helps in whatever way we can, and how God can bless others through us.

Wounded Man

You will need: paper person, colouring pens, plasters, bandages
Instructions: Draw features on your paper person to show that he is poorly or wounded. Apply the plasters and bandages over his wounds.
Talk about: how the Samaritan would have found the injured man lying on the road with cuts and bruises and wounds from the attack. He would have used whatever he had, probably his own clothes, to bandage him, and then he took him to the nearest inn so he could care for him properly. Some people train as first aiders in order to help others when they are hurt.

Magnetic Plaster

You will need: card, scissors, pens, bible verse, glue, magnetic strip
Instructions: Use the template or draw your own large plaster shape on your card twice. Cut out both plaster shapes. On one write/stick in the centre the bible verse: ‘Love your neighbour’ Luke 10:27. On the other shape design and decorate how you like then cut in half. Stick the 2 halves of the cut shape on top of the shape with the bible verse, at the far ends. You can now open your plaster to see the bible verse in the centre underneath. Add the magnetic strip to the back and put it on your fridge.
Talk about: who is your neighbour, can you think of anyone you would feel uncomfortable talking to or helping? Also discuss what we can do practically to help others, even those we don’t like!


Here’s this month's Celebration. The video contains a Christmas song, a sock-puppet show of the Bible story, a song,  a short talk explaining the story and a prayer.


Eat Together 

Wraps (like bandages!) - with different fillings like salads, chicken and cheese. How about jelly and ice cream for dessert (what we like to eat when we are unwell).

Mealtime Talk About:
  • Who are the good Samaritans in your community?
  • When have you been a good Samaritan?
  • Can you think of a time when you have been a good Samaritan just by being with someone? What did you learn?