Messy Church at Home 

messy at home 

'Don't Bury Your Talents'

Saturday 12th June 2021
Time: Whenever you like!

Venue: At your house



Welcome to Messy Church at Home. 

How to Use this Page

  • Remember, Messy Church is for ALL AGES so do the activities together as a family and get involved in exploring the theme by discussing the ‘Talk About’ points.
  • Click on the videos to watch the craft demonstrations and the celebration message and songs.
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Here are ideas to explore this month's Bible Story using things we have provided in your 'Messy Church craft bag' - or if you haven't got one, be creative and have a look around the house to see if you can find something that will do the same or similar job. Your ideas might be even better!

Hidden Talents

You will need:  balloon, plastic bottle, baking powder, vinegar, spoon
Instructions:  Using a spoon (or fold some paper as a funnel) but the baking soda into a balloon. Your plastic bottle will contain vinegar. Carefully remove the lid and attach the balloon to the neck of the bottle so that it is hanging loosely to the side. The represents the hidden gift. Tip up the balloon so the baking powder flows into the vinegar. Watch the balloon inflate. This represents the found talent growing.
Talk about: how God gave us special and amazing talents and sometimes only you and God know they are there and when you unbury your talents and use them they will continue to grow.

Money Bag and Coins

You will need:  felt circle (with holes punched in), wool, clay, toothpicks, scissors
Instructions:  Weave the wool through the holes in your circle of felt. Make some coins out of the air dry clay. Use the toothpicks to decorate the coins or press a real coin on top to get the distinctive markings. Once the clay is dry put the coins in your bag and pull the string to draw it closed.
Talk about: how God is generous and gives us things to watch over and use. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been given one gift or ten gifts; what matters is that you use your gifts and share them with others.

Buried Treasure

You will need:  biscuits, chocolate coins, bowl, spoon
Instructions:  Place the chocolate coins in the bottom of your bowl. Crumble the biscuits on top of the coins to make sand. Use the spoon to dig up the coins. (Don’t forget to peel off the foil before eating the coins)
Talk about:  how we sometimes bury our gifts inside and keep them hidden because we are afraid. When we unbury our gifts and invest ourselves in the world, we honour God. 

Give and Get More

give and get more
You will need: piece of paper, scissors, pen
Instructions: Take a piece of paper and count the (four) corners. Carefully cut off one corner with scissors and give the corner to someone. Count the corners on the paper again. There will now be five. Repeat with each of the four original corners. Each time they give one away, they will gain one more. Share that sometimes we try to keep things for ourselves, but when we give what God has given us, he gives us more.
Talk about: how God wants us to not hold on tight to our gifts and talents but to share them with others. When we do this we are honouring God.



Here’s this month's Celebration. The video contains a  song, a Bible story, a song,  a short talk explaining the story and a prayer.